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League of Legends Ranks

Solo 5v5

Unranked: must play 10 ranked games

Team 5v5


Team 3v3


Flex 5v5

Unranked: must play 10 ranked games

Flex 3v3

Unranked: must play 10 ranked games

Personal Information

General Information
Server: NA
In-game preferences: Fun and Win
In-game behaviour: Sportsmanship
Location: South Park
Time Zone: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Member Since September 2015


Other Information

Just a normal person playing league of legends

 check me out on my stream  :) www.twitch.tv/fukeruper 

or www.hitbox.tv/fukeruper

 Funny 4v5 for you guys to watch http://plays.tv/video/572b8549e8c2255ca8/the-4v5s-d


 NEW COMERS SEEING THIS MESSAGE dont be afraid to subscribe to the youtube channel or follow my stream everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the fun :) 

check out my Trailer to my youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBnx95FKZIQ


 Join The Brand new LoLDuo community off of Google+ at https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/105355121375620421463


Acounts I use : 101Wolfeys , Smurf Gosu,  Lockart6,  Intensetend,  fukeruper,  Pussie Crusher, Iambluntzilla

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  • talks mad shit in game when he's obviously smurfing. then gets mad at his own teammate for not "being on his level" get a clue kid. you aint a pro gamer, u win some u lose some. get a grip

  • Fantastic coach/ booster. was able to boost me a league in only two days. highly skilled and professional.

  • Fair warning talking in game is the quickest way to get yourself banned. I'd avoid that discussion on client.

  • Really cool guy, Nice and Chill, Never Tilted Once
    Was awesome to Ranked with and for those who need Boosting, he has very reasonable prices, considering that he plays with you and doesn't hog your account like actually boosting sites.
    Would recommend Highly, 5 stars!

  • Great Player
    Helped me climb and get my KDA fixed recommend to anyone

  • Great duo partner
    played some real rough games were we carried
    100% easy to get alone with just be chill and win games
    (It Rush)

  • yo add me 'chuun khan', looking to duo...was plat last post season and am now gold 3 still pushing.

  • hi i would really need you to win my promo for silver 2 can you please add me pwnking

  • hey dude...i could really use your skills to elo up to silver 5 ... ill gift you 3500Rp (25$ card) if you get me out of bronze

  • silver 1 looking to hit gold in a couple days. hmu if you want to play

  • Hey man, do you want to play with 3-4 other Bronze/Silver players and help us learn the game/climb?
    ADD me on NA: Chamberiain

  • wassup

  • Hi, I finished last season Diamond 5. I am currently Plat 5. I play most of the time Support or I fill. My most played supports are Alistar and Blitzcrank. Im looking to improve at the game and if you can help me point out my mistake while playing some games it would be fun ! Thanks :)

  • Hi, I was Plat season 5 and looking to climb back up there or maybe go to Diamond.

  • hi dude
    i m looking for some friends on euw server
    ive played 3 season of lol in season 3 i ended silver 1 season 4 i ended plat 5(i was really tryhard ) last season i did not play alot only a couple of matches and i ended in gold 5 now all friend stop playing lol so i m looking for new friends who can teach me new patch hope your willing to .

  • yooo im looking to play 3s, duo or 5s
    hit me up

  • Hey, I would like to play with you:) add ricensausages

  • Hey Im bored and im trying to get gold :L help me? <3 I need a good team i fairly play well, thanks! add me

  • Would like some coaching/help , feelz like im stuck at plat 2 for to much time. euw: Sun4Finger

  • Trying to just learn how to top lane or ADC / cs farm better. I mainly jungle until now. Would appreciate the help.

  • Add me in game please, would like to get better at adc.

  • I would like some help from you!

  • Currently mid Gold Support main. Looking to reach Plat. Please let me know if we can duo :)

  • Silver 2 jungle main, looking to learn how to get my gameplay to the next level. I feel as though i have the skills to be gold/plat but havn't been able to climb. Your help would be greatly appreciated

  • Would be cool if you would duo with me man. add me in game and we can talk more about it and coaching.

  • Duo? Add me I just hit gold

  • yow yow man do u have acc on euw aswell ? :D

  • I'm Silver 4 mid main but can play every role pretty solidly except support looking for a duo

  • hey bro,
    want to play ?

  • I'm plat 2 lets duo

  • duo? p3

  • Yo im P3 wanna duo?

  • I'm Gold V and would love to have someone coach me as adc and midlane

  • www.twitch.tv/fukeruper and www.hitbox.tv/fukeruper check me out :) there is a todays schedule button press it and sign up for the group

  • I'm silver 3 adc main but I can play all roles. Looking to climb to gold and someone skilled that I can learn from. Let me know if you'd want to play. IGN: Loum

  • Silver 1 Support Main cause use the help ;~;

  • Plat 3 Thresh main looking to get Diamond
    ign: ZangKurry

  • Plat 5 Support Main looking for a ranked duo partner
    IGN: Cleffa

  • Plat 4 support main - Janna, Nami, Morgana, Thresh, Braum, Lulu
    IGN : Backer
    DUO Q senpai plz

  • Silver III scrub would love some help when you have the time.

  • Plat II Currently Plat IV looking to push for Diamond ADC Mid main also open to criticism to learn more about the game. Will have fun while doing so :)

  • Plat 2 fill, I'm looking to make the push to diamond and then masters if you are interested.

  • G3, can play all roles decently

  • Can you duo with me? Gold 3 and main top. I sent you a friend request in game. Message me whether you would like to or not please. I just dont want to be left hanging. Thanks!

  • I main a plat 4 support lets dou

  • Hi there! I am looking for a duo partner and I thought it would be cool if you wanted to duo with me. I am bronze 2 so you might need to use your smurf. And btw I am not just looking for someone to carry me I just would like to duo with someone. Plus I have just started my LOL ranked play so I would like to be coached a bit so I can become a better player. Like I said I do not want to play with you just to be carried so if we lose I wont really care. I don't flame often and I play the game for fun most of the time unless I am playing ranked then I will take it a but more seriously, so I wont annoy you with me being a dick. I would really liked to be coached and it would be great if you could duo so you could teach me the ropes during a real game as well and also having a little fun along the way playing ranked. Plz add me if interested :D.

  • Yo, my team and I are looking for an adc, perhaps that's something that'd be on interest to ya? Get back to me should that be the case.

  • This guy is top notch! Great duo partner :)

  • Wanna coach me? :b