Ultra Donator / 25 yo /  

League of Legends Ranks

Solo 5v5

W : 193   L : 193

Team 5v5


Team 3v3


Flex 5v5

Unranked: must play 10 ranked games

Flex 3v3

Unranked: must play 10 ranked games

Personal Information

General Information
Server: EUW
In-game preferences: Fun and Win
In-game behaviour: Cooperative
Location: Italia
Time Zone: (GMT+01:00) Rome
Member Since August 2018


Other Information

Hi my name is florin i'm 25 years old and i live in italy right now. I'm a main adc but i can play mid too, even if i rather not do it. If you wish to find more just contact me and let's win some games

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