King of Healers

Super Donator / 21 yo /  

League of Legends Ranks

Solo 5v5

Unranked: must play 10 ranked games

Team 5v5


Team 3v3


Flex 5v5

Unranked: must play 10 ranked games

Flex 3v3

Unranked: must play 10 ranked games

Personal Information

General Information
Server: EUNE
In-game preferences: Fun only
In-game behaviour: Sportsmanship
Location: Unspecified
Time Zone: (GMT) London
Member Since July 2018


Other Information

Fist of all before we get into the information here is a head start information: 

(If you do not bother to read the Bio don't message me. Do not add me on league because i will not accept it or respond to you)

*Don't send me a message with your full information what you play and etc i will ask it later.
*Please do not waste my time giving me boosters or anything like that.
*Hate comment's that are on my profile are kids ignore it (never played with them)



Section for Flex

(Requirement's for ADC & Support & jungle & Midlaner have been removed as we have full time member's for those roles)

Requirements for Toplaner

1. Plat 4 Ranked on flex (Only)

2. a good microphone 
3. Good shot caller
4. English language 
5. 18+
6. Potentials to roam
7. Not strict schedule (Will be able to play from Monday to Friday)
8. Full tank main (Including Brusiers)

Champions will be discussed later in the Discord voice chat.



(NOTE: The comment's that where made on my profile from, BaileyHK ,helmut schmacker ,PyckuIzCool ,The New lie word , Osolnik , Xhawarn , Vaskee , ChrastGR , Chippy , sew, Predekon Are all fake. (EUW and NA people also) i have never played with those people or talked to them, Just 14 year's old kid's that acuse me of makeing fake account's and not being friendly, So please do not send them any hate not needed let's all stay postitive and remember this is just a game not a drama :) )

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  • Quite a few comments, but i'l add my opinion:
    Amazing person who won't flame people (Hasn't even flamed me despite my numerous flaws/mistakes), Always there to have your back, Really supportive outside of the game too and did i mention he is really good In game as well? Overall brings more positive atmosphere to the games.
    I would say that my experience so far has been a blast!

  • Incredibly rude and toxic. Unfriendly miserable person who is insanely sexist. should be removed from the game tbh.

  • Great player love to play with him, Great team leader and great personality.

  • This profile is so weird. Dude obviously has some mental issue.

  • Super nice guy, helped me out with multiple toplane champions (even tho he doesnt play top) which is kinda insane. Has alot of knowledge of the game.

  • trash player all nice comments are fakes lmao

  • The Best Support i played ever before he dont give a fuck about any of meta pick and destroy every single bottom we are vs .He have high knowledge about game and bottom lane meta pick and play style of every support and can help in every single situation we are against.

  • I am playin with Vastayan King in a Flex games and I tottaly disagree with ppl which writing he is a Thrash player or toxic.
    He is kind, polite and allwayes keep an eye on everybody in team.
    He have really high knowledge about the game and team composition. It is pleasure to play with him. I tottaly recomend him to play together. You can easilylearn about the game and about the tricks in LOL. If someone will write something wrong about him he is for sure never play with him.

  • A living legend :D People who said he is toxic are kids, and are liars :) He is actually really nice and supportive :D

  • Great guy, I have no idea where do all these comments are coming from, he has great English and is clearly above silver level (probably somewhere in plat). There is also a full team playing with him right now, so.... no fake accounts....

  • Pathetic behaviour, Posting those kind of fake comment's and trying to make somebody look bad is being a such a low level and having problem's. I have played with Vastayan king and i still do he is actually non toxic player and non bad player just accused of some people that are constantly making fake comment's shame on you people, People who ever reads my comment understand that vastayan king isn't a bad guy and doesen't paly with those who try to put bad opinion about him.

  • Just by looking at your profile and comments in it, i can see that you are not mentally stable. I recommend seeking help with this problem. All comments that seem to be made by another person accuse you of toxicity, maybe you should look on that too.

  • rly trash player

  • 1 game was enough for me to know, this guy must have spent hours to create accounts and promote himself... he is toxic, he got bad mechanics, and is selfish, ohh and hardstuck silver aswell

  • Pretty much a typical silver player which act like a challenger, flaming 24/7, everthing is your fault, his playstyle is insane and definitly not his fault you lose the game, probably just created multiple accounts and liked himself up, thanks for losing me lp

  • vastayan king pefrect support player, really good teamwork :)
    i played with him and he's carried the whole game for me <3
    vastaya king really professional and handsome and funny, he really deserve's challenger. 11/10

  • trash player dont add

  • Vastauan King is a good support player, and knows what teamwork really means :)
    I played with him lots of normal games around 1-2 months ago, and I had lots of fun and also learned a bit. I can recommend him as a player 9/10.
    10/10 would be if he use voice chat during gameplay because he can increase the performance of the whole team with it even more! :)
    as a person, he is not a perfect human being like everyone else, we have different opinions but by talking through with an open mind like we did it shouldn't be a problem.
    Hope you all best wishes from all my hear :)

  • I enjoyed talking with him.He is so positive,frendly,funny...In one word just NICE.I'm really happy becouse i met him and I looking forward to play with.Highly recommendations.

  • Friendly and professional guy, looking forward to working with him

  • I don't know about the comment that Osalnik posted but this guy is pretty professional in what is doing and talks. i

  • I added this person on LOL and he is so toxic I couldn't believe it at first becouse he has all these nice comments. Then I went and checked his match history with this players that commented and there is not a single match played as duo. Then I came to the conclusion. He is making acounts on lol duo, liking his own account and writing all these comments.
    SO SAD!
    All in all: very toxic, bad to play with, would NOT recommend 100%

  • Great person . Professional and a great leader. Recommended 100%.

  • Alright dude. Professional in speech and behaviour. Would recommend 7/5.

  • Really nice guy and very friendly. 10/10

  • Enjoyed talking with him,he's a very positive,friendly and kind guy. 10/10

  • Funny, friendly guy. Even if I didn't played with him, I could say that he isn't that type of support like others in these ranks. Would recommend for everybody ????

  • Best suport what can you find in lower elo and maybe one of the best suports ever. This guy is talkactive, friendly leader what can make your dreams about high elo true. If you have the chance to play with him, go grab that chance and hold it tight. 10/10

  • Trust worth, Really enjoyed talking to Vastayan king on discord friendly and possitive is profesionall and looking forward to be in you're team 11/10

  • This guy knows what he is looking for. Very professional attidute combined with great personality is what would best describe him. Sadly we couldn't play together since my rank is way too high but we are both looking forward to playing together in the near future.

  • Very professional, talkative, kind and intelligent guy who knows how to approach a man 9/10.

  • very kind one of the best support he doesnt flame and he is a lot of fun if ever he supps you you will be lucky

  • Really kind and honest guy, I recommend playing with him

  • Very inteligent and kind person, most professional approach as I ever seen. Highly recommended LoL player 10/10

  • Friendly guy, very positive 11/10

  • yooooo man lets play broo

  • Very professional, kind, non-toxic, and friendly guy. 10/10

  • you are the best nice person on discord and very positive 100/100 <3

  • 10/10 for Vastayan King
    Really friendly, kind and honest, has a good personality and is patient, goes into detail about his playstyle, has acceptable and nice expectations, Would definently recommend to everybody who posesses the same qualities as our fellow Vastayan King :)

  • Loved talking to you and i love the fact you are very friendly <3 best support ever met

  • Gra?em w EUW a tera przechodze na EUNE bo widze ?e jeste? zajebisty <3 i troch? skopiowa?em twoj? nazwe z king :D <3 vastayan king best support

  • You know that this is only a game right? No need to write your entire life in the BIO

  • he is really friendly, he is someone who I can trust and he would not ruin my high expectations of him.

  • Best guy I've ever met online, kind and honest.

  • Good Person and good support
    Always love your support <3

  • Very honest and kind dude,
    Can say a bad word about hem.
    best regards

  • I main jhin dude :D

  • In your matchistory there is not a single game with anyone who commented on your profile. GhrastGR got blammed on his lolduo page from the same accounts who hype you. Creating multible accounts to promote yourself is kinda sad .. :D
    P.s.: I already see my profile getting downed by your other accounts ;)

  • Vatayan King played with before the most helpfull loving support i have ever met in my life added him on facebook very friendly not a toxic or flamming person or trolls if i had more time on league i would play with you <3

  • Vastayan King very friendly player, Fantastic support and 10/10 would recomend to everybody Comment below saying Should be friendlier By ChrastGR, Is a fake comment because ChrastGR has wasted Vastayan's king's time and procceded to refuse to settle everything down. Besides Vastayan king <3 you're supporting skills and you real support main unbeatable and non-flamer <3

  • Should be friendlier.

  • impossible to replace support player, 50000/10 would reccomend, In my honest opinion i belive you was in challenger but being dropped down by stupid players in EUNE feels difficult. be always positive like you are and stay as a fantastic and world's best support we need more like you <3 vastayan king <3

  • Best support 1000/10 if you was my support vastayan king i would never ever let you go as you have been the nicest person and teammember love you <3 keep up with the good work, Never gonna meet better support like you! <3 :(

  • Best support and best player to have in league, Wish i played more with you but you prefer flex :( keep up with the good work and stay positive <3 vastayan king is number one support <3

  • 10/10 I recommend valuable, You are like treasure who get's you is the most luckiest person <3 love your supporting skills and you great support never met better one before! Vastayan King <3

  • Since i started league i have never met a perfect and irreplaceable who can be trusted in 100%, inspiration person fantastc support great friend and 1000% i woulden't regret losing you <3

  • Love playing wtih you, and you are a decent guy. Not like most people in LoL community. Very good support and friendly. Wish to play with you as long as possible. :) Any adc playing with you should be proud!

  • You are the most powerful person, and i can always count on you, You have never let me down you supported me even in difficult times and days, I wish i played with you duo again you have made me feel great again and writing this post about you vastayan king i will allways love watching you're games and you're in game you are a real definition of a perfect guardian for the adc, You are my idol, Just wanted to say i <3 you my old and great duo <3

  • Vastayan King. What can i say maybe sometimes i do play league but i will never get you're chance to be my side i was wishing for long time i even brought xayah :/ but in the other words i love you and you're playstyle and everything if there where only more people like you :( <3 my Honest opinion about Vastayan king is just that when he leaves league some day i won't be surprised if league goes down.

  • Vastayan King, A delicate person you treat him right he will grant you the best supporting you ever wish for perfect support there aren't better ones sad thing he will be leaving later on, Never leave him sad if he shows emoji of sad or angry then better not be something worse as you may lose him and somebody els will treat him better wish i was again adc main but i can't :( love you vastayan

  • Best support at EUNE best support at the whole world <3 I never met that good support , he should be challenger smurf or i dont know :D

  • Vastayan King, Perfect support never had better one you should be challenger <3

  • Just played our first game together. It was amazing! Such a nice and prof. guy!
    Invest your time in this guy, and i will guarentee u will enjoy it!

  • Best support ever met i wish i had more time to play with im never gonna meet better support than you <3

  • Vastayan king i love you <3 you are the real support can't wait to see you going back to diamond or higher <3, My honest opinion about Vastayan King is he is the world's best support worth of the time to spend with this person, He is very nice he doesent care about the kills and only watches the adc to be better what a great sport player <3

  • The best support in the world wish i mained adc but i don't know if you have time to wait for me :/

  • Vastayan King, Played with before fantastic support like a real profesionall love you!