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User / 19 yo /  

League of Legends Ranks

Solo 5v5

W : 174   L : 186

Team 5v5


Team 3v3


Flex 5v5

W : 21   L : 20

Flex 3v3

Unranked: must play 10 ranked games

Personal Information

General Information
Server: EUW
In-game preferences: Fun and Win
In-game behaviour: Encouraging
Location: Italy
Time Zone: (GMT+01:00) Rome
Member Since August 2017


Other Information

Keep In Mind Note #1: Before you read this. I just want you to know that I'm using satelite internet due to the fact that I live in the countryside so if you want to play normals or duo with me, keep in mind that I will have some random lag spikes along side some disconnects. Of course, not all the time but just a heads up. Don't let it push you away.


Keep In Mind Note #2: I also don't really play all that much ranked because of the simple fact that I prefer to sit down and enjoy myself in the game. Usually, I play with friends who invite me over but most of the time, I'm not really climbing at all. So do keep that in mind incase you go like: " Oh he's silver 4 what a nab "


Name: Valentine

Gender: Male

Age: 19 (26th of July 1998)

Orientation: Straight.

Status: Single

Religion: Atheist

Height: 5'7 (1.75~ m/cm)

Primary languages: English (Mainly), Italian and Bulgarian

Secondary languages (Which I understand but don't speak due either not liking them or so on): Russian, Macedonian, Basic written spanish, basic written french, some japanese (Can also read hiragana).

Country: Born in Bulgaria but currently living in Italy. Been like 5 years.

Sports: Martial arts and Swimming. Im also a great climber.

Traits: I learn languages quickly enough. Due to experience, I can read people and tell alot about them even if I don't know them. Rather understanding and a great listener but I talk too much in return. Generally an odd, weird and creepy person but also rather lovable, caring and somewhat clingy at times.

Games: LoL EUW, S4 league, Guild Wars 2, Paladins, Closers Dimensional Conflict, Dungeon Fighter Online, Osu Mania and Warframe (Online wise. Offline too much to list)

Likes: Gaming, Drawing abstract things, Writing stories and roleplaying, Building gaming rigs, Conversating with people and other things that don't come up in mind atm.

Dislikes: Being ignored for no reason, dishonest people, stereotypes, disrespectful people, humanity in general sometimes in many ways just as much as I like em sometimes.

Info: I dislike people who think of themselves as if they have higher value than others. I don't like being left hanging with responces and honestly, I think that many people in general have a hard time understanding me and being around be, but at the end of the day, Im just me. Brutally honest no matter how it goes. I don't give compliments nor do I sugercoat things or do I try to make life easier. Whatever I say, if I say it, I mean it. You can be sure of it. Oh and one another thing is that despite being this young, I personally do not care about age whether you are older or younger than me. Mutual respect is a must. Looking down on others is laughable. There's alot for me to learn, and there are many things I do not know, but Im not afraid to ask, and Im not afraid of admitting my mistakes whenever I make em. Oh yeah, and Im not much of a memer. I don't go '' Ayyy lmao boiii '' nor do I post memes and emojis and what not. Its really not my kind of thing. And I tend to stick to my own personal standards in order to feel better with my own self and within my own skin.

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