League of Legends Ranks

Solo 5v5

Unranked: must play 10 ranked games

Team 5v5


Team 3v3


Flex 5v5

Unranked: must play 10 ranked games

Flex 3v3

Unranked: must play 10 ranked games

Personal Information

General Information
Server: NA
In-game preferences: Fun and Win
In-game behaviour: Encouraging
Location: Unspecified
Time Zone: Unspecified
Member Since September 2016


Other Information

Hey guys im Gaturdug. Been playing league for 2-3 years highest rank peaked was about gold 2. (currently gold 3 and wana hit plat) if you wanna duo and push for plat add me my ign is: MasterrPix (am looking for someone who isnt toxic and will go on win streaks with me. and who is serious about winning. 53+% wr only. smurfs are welcome and are more than welcome to give me tips) Thanks and I hope you all have a wonderful day :) 

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  • Played a game with this guy and wasted 46 minutes of my life. He Wouldnt adc during teamfights, kept running back and forth doing nothing at all. Then he kept spamming " lagging super hard" and would not group at all. He then ran into the baron pit for some reason getting nuked before we got there I have honesty never raged in a while but this guy made me utterly furious.