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    Hello! ^.^ My name is Raquel, but you can call me Kell. I just moved to the U.S. and decided to stream and have some fun. I have two dogs - Anubis and Kali - both pugs. I will be writing more about me with time. =) Boring is normal, i am not so normal so... yay let's have some fun together =*

  • Frequently asked Questions:

    *Name? Raquel

    *How old are you? A gentleman never asks a woman her age ;)

    *Where do you live? U.S in some cold cold place ^^

    *How many tattoos do you have? 18 i guess =D

    *What games do you stream? League of Legends, OverWatch and whatever i feels like i want. =p

    *Do you really have all Skins on League of Legends? Yes, really really ^^

  • !crush !mid !time !socias !elo !janna !lux !feed

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    I'm new at Twitch and is still currently trying to figure times that will work for everyone. Follow and check my Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat at RaquelLuz13 to know when I'll be streaming! XoXo =*

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    ❥ ❤ Instagram: RaquelLuz13


    Youtube: RaquelLuz13

    Twitter: RaquelLuz13

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  • Rules

    1. No Rage, be RESPECTFUL to me and others in my channel.
    2. Do not promote your channel or say when you or others are streaming.
    3. If you feel like you were banned for no reason, please send me a message. ♥ Be Good!
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