I play AP Caitlyn every day, and I upload videos every once in a while!
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
"Who are you?" ~ I'm someone who has played over a thousand games as AP Caitlyn. I had so much fun playing with her that I decided to start this channel
to share my experiences. The majority of my videos feature AP Caitlyn, but I'm also an experienced Minion Support Evelynn and Mirror Support LeBlanc.
"Is this video staged?" ~ I only upload footage from Normal and Ranked games. I still have the replay data for all my games if you'd like to view them.
"Can I play with you?" ~ Of course! Add me and I'll invite you to games :)
"What program do you use to save replays?" ~ LSI -
"Do you play AD Caitlyn?" ~ Sorry, but I have never played AD Caitlyn and I have no interest in trying it. I don't like ADC mechanics.
"What division is your main account?" ~ Gold IV

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