• Brittany or Britterzz or Britt | 26 | Alaska, Usa | Cheese & Pickles & TacoBell | Certified Web Developer and Designer, Certified Medical Assistant, MUA, GoGo Dancer, and Kilt Girl.

    • Region: NA
    • Current Rank: Gold 4
    • Favorite Roles: Support | Mid
    • Favorite Champions: Morgana, Zyra, Sona, Karma, Lux, Kat, Annie, Syndra

    Anxiety and Depression are something I have to deal with on a daily basis and I'd like to start spreading awareness about these awful disorders. If you, or someone you know suffer, or think you might suffer from either/both, you're not alone.

    Please, please, please before you think of hurting yourself or others take a free online screening HERE, or HERE, and share these results with your doctor. <3



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    Will always do little random giveaways throughout the streams, qualities of the giveaways will improve with donations and time.

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    For all your beauty, fitness and make up needs check this blog out!

  • New Schedule! This will mostly be a ROUGH idea, I will soon make a google calendar so you guess can see the exact time when I will be on
    Monday: 8:30pm Alaska Time
    Tuesday: 8:30pm Alaska Time
    Thursday: 8:30pm Alaska Time
    Friday & Saturday & Sunday Random Times

    Will always update on Twitter

    • Do not spam;
    • Do not beg to be a mod, I will contact you if I would like you to mod;
    • Please be respectful to others and enjoy the stream;
    • English-only in chat please;

    If you don't follow these rules, you will get timed out (or banned.)

  • BritCoin Rewards


    Britcoin exchange rate is $5 = 100 Britcoins

    Join a viewer game (!joingame):500 britcoins
    Follow on twitch(!twitchfollow):800 britcoins
    Follow on twitter!!twitterfollow):800 britcoins
    Give yourself a nickname that I HAVE to call you(!nickname):1000 britcoins
    Twitter shoutout (!twittershoutout):1000 britcoins
    Timeout a viewer for 5 mins (!timeout):2000 britcoins
    End of stream shoutout (!shoutout):2000 britcoins
    Unmod a mod for a day (!unmod):3000 britcoins
    Get a postcard from Britt (!postcard):5000 britcoins
    Skype Call with Britt:(!skypecall):6000 britcoins

    • Processor: Intel Core i5-4690k
    • Graphics Card: GTX 970
    • Mouse: Steelseries Sensei
    • Mousepad: Steelseries
    • Headset: Astros ; Broken : need upgrade!
    • Keyboard: Steelseries APEX
    • EyeWear: RPG Gunnars

    ONLY donations above $20 will make the wall!.

    Top Donor: Yogstah:$935.00 ♥

    • Cata: $900.00
    • Solegs100: $560.00
    • Fallen_KCCo: $335.00
    • Schlup: $150.00
    • Matty_Pure: $106.50
    • PhazeKiller: $160.00
    • Clarence_Clarity: $100.00
    • LuckyLefty224: $100.00
    • EvalKen: $100.00
    • Zxrelia: $100.00 I miss this kid, he donated and never came back
    • Ahmrahtcheer: $95.00
    • Kennykashh: $92.00
    • Naterig:$75.00
    • Chyppy:$70.03
    • Snipescopeful: $60.00
    • Marithong: $50.31
    • Pilot Man: $50.00
    • Clarence_Clarity: $53.51
    • MaChao212: $42.00
    • JMoney1000: $40.00
    • Mikeykinz": $30.00
    • SoulusPhD: $21.01
    • Skillful: $21.00
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Donations are highly appreciated, but are not obligated to. If you want to donate and support me click the image above. Donation money goes towards:

  • Daily Needs
  • Improving My Computer & Gear
  • RP Giveaways
  • Cosplays

Thank you for any and all donations you make, you are by no means obligated to do so, but any donations cannot be refunded.

Donation Rewards:
Special alerts for $3, $6.69 $20, $50, & $100

  • $3+ will get a sound and alert played.
  • $10+ get a Twitter Shoutout
  • $15+ get my Snapchat!
  • $20+ will give you a special place on my Wall of Fame

Donor Perks:

Viewers who donate hold priority in viewer games and gain a spot on my friends list

Personal channel in Discord

I would like to start doing Cosplay Nights. This wishlist will help.♥

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