• My name is Shoma. I'm Japanese and Raised in the 808 (Hawaii).
  • Games I currently Stream:
  • League of Legends
  • Minecraft
  • Random Steam Games
  • "Thank you very much for your continuous support in becoming a full-time Streamer!"

chat rules
  • !help for commands
  • Respect the Community
  • Let's Keep the Language Clean
  • No Discrimination of Race
  • No Advertising Please
  • Don't tell me what to play lol.
  • Song Request must be Clean. (Stupid songs will be skipped)

  • Give Away Entries: 1000
  • Arcemis Fan Sign: 2000
  • Friend List Slot on Games: 3000
  • YouTube Video Request: 10,000
  • Personal Letter: 10,000
  • Personal Chat !Command: 10,000

Enter !wafflet to see how much you have!

  • List of Commands !wafflethelp

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  • Q&A (!ask)
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donations arcemis

  • Donations are very much appreciated and will greatly contribute in my success of becoming a Full-Time Streamer.
  • Donators of $10.00 and over will have:
  • Priority to viewer games.
  • Discord Donator Group
  • 500 Wafflets
  • Donators of $25.00 and over will have (in addition):
  • Added to my friend list on Games
  • Double Wafflet Stream for the Day!
  • 1250 Wafflets
  • Donators of $50.00 will have (in addition):
  • Ranked Duo (Plat & Gold)
  • Triple Wafflet for the Day!
  • 2500 Wafflets
  • Donators of $100.00 and over will have (in addition):
  • Youtube Video Request!
  • Ranked Duo (Plat, Gold, Silver, Bronze)
  • Penta Wafflets for All! for the Day!
  • 5000 Wafflets
  • Please leave me comments along with your donation :).

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